Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Berlin Photography Workshop

 Myself @ KaDeWe

Workshop lesson plan ----------------------------------------------

If you wish to learn - how to use you digital SLR camera,

My workshop will be on basic technical operation.

=>> how to use your DSLR in "Manual" M mode, so you take control and get comfortable with your camera.

The lesson plan is structured like below

1. figure out all the dials and buttons on your camera (only for Canon and Nikon).

2. light meter inside your camera (how to read your viewfinder light meter)

3. exposure (why some photos are dark and some photos are very bright)

4. apertures (what is F2.8 F5.6 F10)

5. shutter speed (what is 1/125 1/2000, why sometimes people are blurred in the photo)

6. how to combine (light meter) with ( apertures) with (shutter speed) to take a photo in full manual mode.

7. depth of field (street fashion and portrait camera setup)

8. ISO sensitivity (how to take photos in low light condition at night)

9. white balance (how to take photos under white fluorescence tube and yellow incandescent tube)

The teaching material is based from Digital Photography Technique magazine Autumn 2008 by ICP media.

This workshop will not cover a). art photography composition, b). using flash lights in disco, c). studio lighting set up.

I do not teach Art Photography, because some say, for Art Photography, "You either have the eye for it, or you don't"

The workshop will be about 1-2 hours depends on your ability.


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